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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bicycle! Bicycle!

In our college programs at Ohio University and U. of Pittsburgh, we invariably always meet up with the "Critical Mass" people. What is "Critical Mass"? It's not as dire as it sounds. Instead, it's the bi-weekly/monthly get-together of local biking enthusiasts to politely "take back the streets" from the gas-guzzling populace.

And as we can read from this interesting article, choosing to get about your life on a bicycle sends out many positive, practical vibes in today's increasingly unsustainable world.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Food is different...

"Food is different. We need to understand that people are willing to die for their right to farm, to grow what they want, to feed their families and communities. While few are inclined to make the ultimate sacrifice, we need to think about how important food really is. It is life and death. Good food, local food, food that supports the farmer, nourishes the eater and supports the community -- that is what Lee Kyung Hae died for"

Devotees know the importance of foodstuffs-we are a "kitchen religion" after all. What can we do to alleviate the corporate stranglehold on the worldwide production of food? How can we engage and enlighten the consciousness of not only our farming allies, but ourselves, so that natural, organic, and connected communities of self-sufficiency don't become a pipe dream?

For some inspiration, click here to read more about the sacrifice of Lee Kyung Hae

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Herdshare

(Photo from ISCOWP)

"Lovers of raw milk, ethical animal treatment and sustainable local industry are coming together to build on a concept called Herdshare. A herdshare is a co-operative of people who buy a herd of cows and then pay a manager to care for, board and milk their cows. In return, the cow share owners pick up their fresh dairy produce from their local farmers markets, for free."

Click here to head on over to ISKCON News to read more, or click here to head on over to the Herdshare website

This good be a great chance for responsible devotees to network and increase our own exposure as protectors of our dear mother cows.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The 10 Big Energy Myths

As devotees, we know that to remain in spiritual consciousness means to be clean internally and externally. Therefore, to pollute either ourselves or our surrounding environment is something we should never consciously consider.

As most of us are aware, there are various and usually heated debates over the seriousness of the scientific reality of climate change, and whether such alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power could ever fulfill the energy needs of the world's citizens.

It's common sense not to be a polluter, but to inform ourselves properly about these issues, as a tool for preaching and networking with allies to our cause of spiritual self-sufficiency, we should try to find out what is reality and what is myth when it comes to the issues of modern-day sustainability.

In this service to you, click here to read an article by Chris Goodall on the The Top 10 Energy Myths