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Monday, December 1, 2008

The 10 Big Energy Myths

As devotees, we know that to remain in spiritual consciousness means to be clean internally and externally. Therefore, to pollute either ourselves or our surrounding environment is something we should never consciously consider.

As most of us are aware, there are various and usually heated debates over the seriousness of the scientific reality of climate change, and whether such alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power could ever fulfill the energy needs of the world's citizens.

It's common sense not to be a polluter, but to inform ourselves properly about these issues, as a tool for preaching and networking with allies to our cause of spiritual self-sufficiency, we should try to find out what is reality and what is myth when it comes to the issues of modern-day sustainability.

In this service to you, click here to read an article by Chris Goodall on the The Top 10 Energy Myths

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Madhava Gosh said...

I would take issue with "Myth 7" about organic agriculture.

The main reason we have shortages of food for the worldwide population is because of meat eating which is a very inefficient means of providing protein.

With a vegetarian diet, organic agriculture easily feeds the world and reduces dependency on oil as feedstock for fertilizers.