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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MISCOWP Presents 10 Reasons To Buy Local

Ten Reasons to Buy Local Organically Grown Food from Vedic Village CSA

Tastes better. Juicy, succulent, sun-kissed, fresh and flavorful, food grown at Vedic Village is a rich source of life-generating properties. We harvest at the peak of ripeness, the same day you pick it up. Compare that to nutritionally deficient, tasteless commercial produce – often picked prematurely, artificially ripened with synthetic gases, and then irradiated which destroys any remaining vitality. Most importantly, food grown with such profit-minded material consciousness cannot compare to our food, cultivated with love every step of the way.

Better for your health. If you are what you eat, what is your produce eating? In other words, if your health depends on the quality of the food you consume, then the quality of your food depends on the quality of the soil in which it was grown. Over 108 elements and an abundance of living microorganisms are present in Vedic Village’s organically cultivated soil, whereas commercial, chemically treated soil contains around seven elements and is completely devoid of life. Our soil sustains healthy plant-life, which in turn helps to sustain healthy bodies.

Preserves genetic diversity.
In the modern industrial agricultural system, only a few hybrid varieties of each fruit and vegetable are chosen for their ability to ripen simultaneously, withstand harvesting equipment, produce a tough skin that can survive packing and shipping, and have a long shelf life. The downside is that the genetic integrity of these crops is weakened and therefore more prone to infestation from insects and microorganisms such as mold. Seeds from these plants are underdeveloped, non-viable, or completely non-existent. It’s like inbreeding, only with plants. Vedic Village, in contrast, grows only open-pollinated varieties of heirloom vegetables and seeded fruits known for their complex flavors, nutritional content, and genetic diversity.

Genetically modified organisms threaten our food supply and are changing the genetic makeup of plants with frightening consequences for the environment, livestock and human health. The science of GMO technology has pretty much degraded into a mass experiment where consumers are the unconsenting test subjects. If you are opposed to eating bioengineered food, rest assured that Vedic Village grows all of its produce the old-fashioned way, as nature intended – NO GMOs… ever!

Supports local farmers.
In Michigan, and across the country, family-run farms are vanishing. And no wonder – commodity prices are often below the cost of production. We must redirect funds in a way that brings about positive changes and thus supports those who need it most. The Vedic Village farmers sell their produce directly to consumers, thus cutting out the middleman and getting full retail price for their food. This enables them to stay on our farm and make farming a career. One focus of Vedic Village is to create jobs for people who are dedicated to making organically grown produce available to the general population at a very reasonable cost.

Builds community. We believe there is a hunger in the human soul for contact with the land and for community. When you buy direct from Vedic Village, you are engaging in a time-honored connection between the eater and grower. You will have a direct relation with the Earth and the people who work the Earth on your behalf. And at our CSA, you have access to a farm where your family and friends can learn about the inextricable connections between humans, agriculture, and the entire natural world.

Preserves open space.
Our agricultural landscape will survive only as long as family farms are financially viable. When you buy locally grown food from Vedic Village, you are doing something proactive about preserving the countryside. Vedic village will serve as an “open air classroom” to a full range of environmental education programs for people of all ages. We will also teach all aspects of small scale farming in order to help create farmers of the future.

Less reliant on petroleum.
Most conventionally grown produce travels from farms an average of 1,500 miles by plane, train or truck to reach your plate. That takes at least a week - and a lot of petroleum! By buying locally grown produce, you help reduce the use of fossil fuels. At Vedic Village we even go a step further: instead of using tractors and other petrol-consuming machinery, we use our trained teams of oxen to till the land and perform other farm chores.

Benefits the environment and wildlife.
Our organic farm community values the resources of fertile soil and clean water. We grow several kinds of cover crops to prevent erosion and to help enrich our soil. And we protect the purity of the 15-foot wide Arms Creek that runs through our farm, touted as the purest stream in all of Washtenaw County. Vedic Village is also a wildlife sanctuary whose woods, natural fields, and stream provide habitat for many kinds of indigenous plants and animals.

Investment in our future. By supporting Vedic Village CSA today, you can help ensure that there will be farms in your community tomorrow and that future generations will have an abundance of nourishing, flavorful, real food. The overall focus of Vedic Village is to establish a spiritually centered, self-sufficient educational farm community that will provide a template for farms of the future.

If you would like to donate your time, join our team, or have any questions, please either call or email us at (313) 823-3815 / According to your inquiry, you may be put in touch with either one of our two vice presidents, Antariksa dasa and Navadvipa dasa. If you would like to contribute towards any of our projects, please make your check out to MISCOWP and send it c/o Adiraja dasa, 313 Newport, Detroit, Michigan 48215. You will receive a receipt within two or three days. We also accept payment by credit card. In closing, we would like to thank you again for your interest in the success of Vedic Village and we look forward to your participation. Hare Krishna!

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