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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Just In From The Vedic Village...

Dear Friends,

This first of our soon-to-be monthly newsletters, will give you updates about our progress at Vedic Village and graciously ask for your continued prayers and support. As you may know, on February 18, 2009, The Michigan Society for Cow Protection (MISCOWP) obtained two beautiful young Brahman bulls named Dharma and Bhima. Every day, one of our board members drives out to the farm to care for and spend quality time with these amazingly affectionate animals. Dharma and Bhima have created quite a sensation with the local people who are curious about our philosophy and plans for the farm.
Things are going very well this week as we focus on germinating seeds for our first crops while converting nearly 8 acres of a third generation hayfield into productive vegetable and fruit gardens. In 10-15 days, when the seeds have germinated and display their first true two leaves, we will need at least 5 volunteers to help transplant these seedlings to larger containers. At that time the containers will also need to be transported to either a hoophouse in my backyard (5 blocks from the Detroit temple) or taken to the farm, where by then we may have installed a larger 35' X 110' hoophouse.
We also humbly ask for donations to help us with our work. Any amount - $20, $50, $100, $500 or more - will be a tremendous help and is also tax exempt. Please make checks payable to MISCOWP and mail to Tom Milano, 313 Newport Street, Detroit, MI 48215.
In April, we plan to purchase 108 fruit and nut trees (only $30 each) and plant an orchard in the middle of our 15-acre garden. Perhaps you would like to donate funds for one or several trees in behalf of yourself and your family. We also urgently need $900 to pay for 1500 aparagus plants and a host of perennial fruit bearing plants. And in June we plan to start Michigan's first goshalla (dairy) and cow protection program with the purchase of 5 American Brahman cows at $1,500 each.
Thank you once again for your trust, your support and for your interest in our project. If you have any questions, please feel free to email ( or call (313 823-3815) anytime. We thank you in advance for all your help.

With warm regards,
Adiraja dasa (a.k.a. Tom Milano)
President MISCOWP

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