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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Goodbye Bland Affluence, Hello Transition Towns

The gradually lucid signs of the end of the industrial age has got peoples off all stripes thinking about what is going to come next. What can we do, if anything, to insure a future where morality, spirituality, and a real, locally-based culture beyond exploitation can sustain and thrive.

Click here to read a recent piece from the Wall Street Journal on the push for a simpler way of life that is being reflected even in the skyline of Manhattan.

Click here to read a piece from the April 19th edition of "The Green Issue" from the New York Times on the rising tide of The Transition Movement, which aims to create, in a very organized and positive way, Transition Towns. These Towns will re-localize the social and economic infrastructure in such a way to rise above the tide of the collapse of industrial civilization.

From the Transition Movement Wikipedia page:

"Central to the Transition Town movement is the idea that a life without oil could in fact be far more enjoyable and fulfulling than the present "by shifting our mind-set we can actually recognise the coming post-cheap oil era as an opportunity rather than a threat, and design the future low carbon age to be thriving, resilient and abundant – somewhere much better to live than our current alienated consumer culture based on greed, war and the myth of perpetual growth."

Simple Living, High Thinking!

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