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Monday, October 4, 2010

Help ISCOWP Get Ready For The Winter!

From our friends at ISCOWP

Help Us Get Ready for the Winter!

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Donate to: Help Us Get Ready for the Winter!

Soon winter will be upon us and there are a few projects we need to complete and equipment that we need to purchase before the snow falls.

Whatever you can donate to help us get ready for winter will help us protect the cows during this winter's cold ice and snow.

Last winter was a wake up call as to what can happen if there is a hard winter.

Old gutters last winter. When the snow melted, the gutters could not
hold all the water and flooded the front part of the barn.

Barn Roof Gutters Replaced

The present gutter is too small to support the amount of water that comes off the large barn roof (75' by 185') due to rain and snow. We had previously thought that we just had to repair it but after consultation and closer observation the conclusion is that the present gutter pipe needs to be replaced mainly because it is not wide enough to catch the amount of water that comes off the roof. The goal is that the rain water and melting snow that previously flooded areas of the barn and was deteriorating some of the beams and roofing materials will be more efficiently directed away from the barn by replacing the present gutter with a larger one of commercial quality.

The Alcoa commercial 6 inch gutters will cost $887.37
The pressure treated wood support system for the gutters will cost $374.40
The labor will cost approximately $600.

Doors on Geriatric Barn (Completed!)

The geriatric barn is used for old cows, ill cows, dying cows or very young cows. During the last 2 years snow and rain came through both sides of the barn covering 1/2 of the barn floor. This made it uncomfortable for the cows inside the barn since some were not well and could not move freely.

Before next winter we would like to build two sets of sliding doors on both sides of the barn to prevent the snow and rain from coming into the barn. The sliding doors would give the option of leaving that space open in decent weather so the cows can have lots of fresh air.


The trees on the road bowing with snow.

Telescoping Pole Pruners

Trees and branches are overhanging the road to ISCOWP. When heavy snow falls, the branches and trees can break and block the road. Our neighbor, who moved, use to cut the branches. With these pruners we will be able to maintain the plant growth along the road. Last winter we could not get down the road for 1 week. Then we had a few days of open road and again another week of road blockage.


We were without power several times, once for almost 2 weeks.

Generac Generator

Power outages happen here too often and last too long causing water shortage for the cows and garden not to mention the ISCOWP staff. Freezers and computers would also be able to continue to operate with this generator.

Last year we bought a portable generator for one side of the farm. It was an emergency purchase and took care of the lack of water supply for the cows after 1 week of no electricity.

There are two sides to the farm, each on a different well and pump. To keep the ISCOWP services going during a power outage we need another generator. The generator we wish to purchase is a permanent unit that sits outside all year and gets turned on when there is the need. It is always connected to the power of the building being serviced. After attachments and installation we figure the cost to be:

$3, 799.99

This gives a total of :


To find out how you can help and our gifts to you:

How to Help Us Get Ready for the Winter!

Thanking you in advance,

Balabhadra and Chayadevi

(William E. Dove and Irene M. Dove)

ISCOWP Managing Directors

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