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Thursday, January 29, 2009

All about MISCOWP

Vedic Village is an 80-acre educational farm community and community-supported-agriculture (CSA) farm located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan. Owned and operated by the Michigan Society for Cow Protection (MISCOWP), we are a non-profit charitable organization incorporated in April 2008. Our central purpose is to teach and demonstrate the usefulness of cows and oxen in developing a spiritually centered, self-sufficient rural community.

We believe in taking loving care of the animals for their entire lives, even when in their old age they may appear to be unproductive.

Our intentions are to:

interact with and contribute to the community at large providing goods, services and educational opportunities while representing the vision of MISCOWP;
develop a self-sufficient CSA farm with a store, an education center, and several miniature earth-shelter homes to act as demonstration and experimental models;
offer fresh, organic, bio-dynamically grown produce for 100 CSA members for the year 2009 and increase membership to 300 members in two years;
provide a training center for development of skills related to maintaining a small organic dairy, using ox power, sustainable organic gardening and farming, eco-friendly construction, creating renewable energy, and marketing cottage crafts.

As spiritually minded stewards of the Earth and its precious resources, we pledge to protect and maintain the soil, water, plants, and animals. We are always searching for progressive and creative ways to farm and distribute our blessed harvests.

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