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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Food For Obama

As Barack Obama becomes President of these fair United States, demands are high for real substance to his mantra of change change change.

This is a chance, for once, for a favorable political situation to help restore our essential heritage to the land.
Christopher Cook of the Christian Science Monitor spells is out clearly: "As Mr. Obama weighs a massive stimulus package, he should include new funding streams that promote sustainable food - to build up alternatives such as farmer's markets, local "foodshed" programs that promote consumption of local produce, and farm-to-institution projects that encourage schools, hospitals, and other large buyers to purchase local organic foods when possible."

We stand at a fork in the road. The ascension of Mr. Obama, and all he claims to represent, may actually increase mainstream acceptance of organic, natural, local production of foodstuffs.

Click here to read the whole of Mr. Cook's suggestions for the new head-of-state.

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