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Monday, January 11, 2010

Protecting Cows

Click here to sign an online petition to help set up a complete ban on cow slaughter of all ages and gender throughout India.

Dear Madam,

The Cow-progeny has been the back bone of the Indian Culture & Economy since time immemorial. This is not only because of the milking capacities of the female and the toiling capacities of the males (bullocks) but to a greater extent due to the highly versatile and life-time utilities of its Dung & Urine.

Both independently as well as along with some easily available natural ingredients they form highly affordable & effective medicines, proven to play a wonderful role in treatment of diseases ranging from cough & cold to cancer. It is a wide list that includes problems related to heart, nervous system, digestive system, etc; covering diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, organ-stones, etc. Several researches even at institutions under Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), India as NEERI (Nagpur)and NDRI (Lucknow) have also confirmed of the anti-cancer, anti-genotoxic, anti-fungal, immunomodulatory and bio-enhancing properties of Cow-urine distillate (Go-mutra Ark). 2 U S Patents have also been obtained in connection with such properties and more have been filed.

They also produce very effective and affordable house-hold necessities as tooth powder, shampoo, soaps, oils, incense, phenyl, creams, etc with the use of natural & simple techniques.

Their most easy and important contribution is in farming. There have been many researches & practical applications in many centers as Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Nagpur; Akola & Kanpur Goshala; Pathmeda Goshala; Ram Chandra Pura Math, Shimoga; various agriculture universities and on the fields of thousands of farmers in past decades. They have proved it beyond doubts that the dung & urine mixed with abundantly available natural resources as water, jaggery and neem can produce all-complete & highly effective fertilizers & pest repellents. These on one hand enhance soil fertility, crop quality & quantity, ground water level and on the other hand, the health of crores of consumers. A U. S. Patent had also been obtained in connection with the pest-repellent properties of Cow-urine mixed with Neem leaves.

If sincerely & sufficiently promoted, they can certainly save the high manufacture & transportation cost (including the over 49,980 crores provided for fertilizers subsidy in the union budget 2009-10 ) of chemical counterparts that generally deteriorate the soil fertility, the farmers' economy and also the health of the masses, in the long run.

While many organizations have been working to repeatedly prove the ever-green utilities of its perennial dung & urine that the Cow-Progeny continues to give till the last breath, it is most unfortunate that on various unfair grounds THE CRUEL SLAUGHTER OF AROUND 50000 COW PROGENY CONTINUES IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF OUR NATION. Incredible figures of daily smuggling to Bangladesh,etc are also reported.

This is most surprising in this peace-loving nation where the all productive cows have been considered mothers and the bulls father by saints, kings and even modern leaders like M.K. Gandhi, Lokmanya Tilak, Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai and Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan, who all had eagerly desired to put a complete ban on cow-progeny slaughter immediately after independence.

However, even after 62 years of independence, unfortunately there is no national law totally banning Cow-progeny slaughter. The number of legal & illegal slaughter houses and the killings has only multiplied horrifically.

Though a few states using article 48 of the Constitution have completely banned Cow-progeny slaughter; most of the states have not. There is no prohibition on the export of the animals from the banned zones to the permitted zones. Thousands of animals are therefore most cruelly transported from the prohibited states as Rajasthan, M. P., Gujarat, etc to the permissible states as West Bengal & Kerala to be barbarically slaughtered, making a heart-rending mockery of all our leaders, our culture, our economy and the entire system.

As a result, we the Citizens and Well-wishers of India, request you to urgently frame a NATIONAL LAW PUTTING A COMPLETE BAN ON SLAUGHTER OF COW-PROGENY OF ALL AGES THROUGH-OUT INDIA, FOLLOWED WITH ITS STRICT IMPLEMENTATION. In contrast with the claims of a few politicians it is going to be a totally secular decision, as it involves everyone's welfare. The Cow or bullocks never discriminate on the basis of religion or community while providing its miraculous products and services. Human-beings therefore may be expected to have a same out-look towards them.

We also appeal for the re-allocation of Go-Char Bhoomis (free grazing lands) that have been cunningly captured or legally /illegally transferred by the Governments in vested interest of a few.

The Cow actually represents the true original spirit of India in terms of peacefulness, affection, generosity & purity. Therefore we appeal to declare it 'The National Animal of India'.

Further, we request for the promotion & development of the native breed of Cows in the hands of local farmers, by training, encouraging and also financially supporting them for an affordable, safe, environmental friendly and highly effective cow urine & dung-based farming & local energy production. (the quality of the products of indigenous breeds have been found to be much superior by various researches & applications at various reputed institutions as by Dr. R S Chauhan of CADRAD, Bareilly in U.P.)

This will make the Cow-progeny lifelong productive and effective for the farmers and thus will not be sold as long as they are giving Urine & Dung. It will thus immensely improve the living standards of both i.e. the rural population as well as the cattle along with the health of the entire nation.

Simultaneously, the research, manufacture, sales and consumption of the environmental-friendly Panchagavya (cow milk, ghee, curd, urine & dung) based medicines & house-hold products may please be promoted at all levels.

This will certainly be major step in protecting our most valuable National Heritage (Cow Family) to make our nation richer, more truthful, economically more prosperous and medically healthier to serve as a Role- Model for the entire world.

The following web-sites/pages may be referred for more information on the massive utility of its ‘Urine & Dung’:

Thanking you,


The Undersigned

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