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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Animal, Vegetable, Miserable

How can intelligent people who purport to be deeply concerned with animal welfare and respectful of life turn a blind eye to such practices? And how can people continue to eat meat when they become aware that nearly 53 billion land animals are slaughtered every year for human consumption? The simple answer is that most people just don’t care about the lives or fortunes of animals. If they did care, they would learn as much as possible about the ways in which our society systematically abuses animals, and they would make what is at once a very simple and a very difficult choice: to forswear the consumption of animal products of all kinds.

For the full piece from the New York Times, click here

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Zoelle said...

This article is ridiculous. Yes, become informed and make realistic choices about your food. Buy local from people you know are respectful of the animals they raise. Better yet, raise your own. Don't advocate for the extinction of many domesticated animals. These animals were domesticated and many breeds were created by people due to need. What happens when we don't need them anymore? I don't know of many people who are going to keep a cow just because it is cute. Vegans still have blood on their hands as those farmers raising your vegetables use many methods to rid their fields of bugs and animals who many eat their crops (don't forget any accidental deaths by farm machinery). Just keep trucking your vegetables across country and flying them in from other countries (giving your food a huge carbon footprint) and feel good about your choices. Wake up and become responsible! Buy local from those you can trust, raise what you can of your own, and simply eat in season. This would make a REAL difference!