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Monday, June 8, 2009

Darwin Is Dead!-The Dangerous Idea

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A fascinating review by ID czar Philip E. Johnson of the 1995 publication "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" by Daniel Dennett, which focuses on the larger implications of the acceptance of the Darwinist paradigm on levels such as the political, philosophical metaphysical, and cosmological. All the way to the top!

It's a challenging and even chilling picture that Prof. Johnson paints, and is well worth considering

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Here's an excerpt...

Dennett thinks that the dissenters either fail to understand the logic of Darwinism or shrink from embracing its full metaphysical implications. I prefer another explanation: Darwinism is a lot stronger as philosophy than it is as empirical science. If you aren’t willing to challenge the underlying premise of scientific materialism, you are stuck with Darwinism- in-principle as a creation story until you find something better, and it doesn’t seem that there is anything better.

Once you get past the uncontroversial examples of microevolution, however, such as finch beak variations, peppered moth coloring, and selective breeding, all certainty dissolves in speculation and controversy. Nobody really knows how life originated, where the animal phyla came from, or how natural selection could have produced the qualities of the human mind.

Ingenious hypothetical scenarios for the evolution of complex adaptations are presented to the public virtually as fact, but skeptics within science derisively call them “just-so” stories, because they can neither be tested experimentally nor supported by fossil histories.

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