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Monday, August 3, 2009

India Widens Climate Rift With The West

The struggle to create a worldwide policy of positive momentum to tackle our collective environmental crisis took a sharp turn towards the tense in recent weeks.

Click here to read from the Financial Times about India's reluctance to join the global community in committing to shared standards of environmental responsibility, as she also shares her doubts about alarming findings on the fragile status of Himalayan glaciers in her own backyards.

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ConCretin said...

A growing number of us feel that the "globall warming" environmental movement is nothing but a power grab by gubments in general and the UN in particular.
Since AlGore has never been considered the brightest bulb in the array (by over half the voting population in the US). adding his name to the list doesnt inspire confidence.

A recent blog on the American Thinker site gives the Indian populace more credit than the slavish liberal media ;

"So is the Indian government just stupid? Do its universities and ministries not see what Al Gore sees? Although India is a subcontinent of great contrasts, the different peoples who inhabit India have some of the best scientific minds in the world. It is both absurd and offensive to assume that the government of India and its scientific advisors cannot grasp the " Inconvenient Truth" that the mutton-headed Al Gore or the shrewish lawyer Hillary believe.

Does the government of India care less about the welfare of its own people than Gore and Clinton? India is the largest democracy in the world, not a petty backwards dictatorship. Of course the government of India cares at least as much about the welfare of the peoples of India as the rich, distant, Leftist interlopers."

Read the entire article here: