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Friday, October 16, 2009

Fast For Farmland

From The Michigan International Society For Cow Protection (MISCOWP)

Fast for Farmland

Fast for Farmland begins at sunrise October 19 on the outdoor premises of the Innate Healing Arts Center at 18700 Woodward Ave. Tom Milano (aka Adiraja dasa), intends to fast from food until 1.1 million dollars manifests to purchase an exquisite 140 acre farm in Whitmore Lake, twenty minutes north of downtown Ann Arbor. He proposes that this farm be the first of an eventual statewide network of organic produce and small dairy farms, teaching about restoring ourselves and Mother Earth, creating good jobs, boosting the local economy, preserving farmland, serving as healing centers and operating their own chain of fast-food vegetarian restaurants.

Tom is prepared to fast on water for up to three weeks, or whenever the farm is purchased. We have a shared vision and action plan: beautifully designed, drive-thru, sit down restaurants that will benefit everyone by making the most tasty and nutritious food affordable to all! As the fast unfolds, please bring your ideas, business proposals, dreams, drums and prayers, and join the discussion. Let’s celebrate, be grateful and pray that God’s Will be done!

For more information:,

or call Tom at (313) 434-5121

Innate Healing Arts Center:

18700 Woodward Avenue

Detroit, MI 48203

south of 7 Mile Road

(313) 366-2247

Tom is the president of The Michigan Society for Cow Protection,

a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization

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