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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Skull That Rewrites The History Of Man

From The Vedic Observer
"Evolution: Science or Skullduggery" by Kundali Dasa

"According to William Fix, author of The Bone Peddlers: Selling Evolution, awe and reverence is exactly what the evolution scientists intend us to feel. Fix claims that while making a careful analysis of the more than one hundred and twenty years of archeological discoveries, he unearthed a "catalogue of fiascos,” findings recorded by researchers more interested in publicity, funding, and reputation than in truth. To protect their pet theories and their reputations, says Fix, researchers have deliberately ignored or dismissed contrary evidence. To back his claim he cites examples—one of them the discovery of a "
modern-type" skull some seven hundred thousand years old. Fix ultimately concludes, "The origin of man is more mysterious than either the evolutionists or creationists contend."

For more of the mystery and intrigue, click here to read a recent article from The Independent on a "skull that rewrites the history of man."

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