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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blessed Are "The Peacemakers"

A message from our friend Adiraja (author of the world famous Hare Krishna Book Of Vegetarian Cooking) about his recent project:

Presently I'm trying to secure a beautiful 106-acre farm here in Michigan. Besides being a Vedic Village Educational Farm project, it will also serve to provide produce for a restaurant we plan to start next year. I'm looking for an "Angel Investor' who may be a financial partner.

Srila Prabhuapda said people must eat prasada in order to understand the philosophy, so it makes senses that we ought to emphasize pradasa distribution, which this eventual worldwide chain of restaurants will do.

Anyone can email me ( or reach me on my cell 313 434-5121.

Vision and

Peacemakers embraces the vision of making the healthiest food easily affordable and accessible to the general public. The company’s mission is to develop a worldwide chain of vegan fast food restaurants, each supplied by its own farm.


One fifth of Americans eat fast food every day, generating over 110 billion dollars this year alone. With more people eating fast food, and restaurant franchises popping up everywhere, this industry is booming and shows no signs of slowing down. However, because most fast food is commonly recognized to have poor nutritional quality, many say we’re a fast food nation slowly eating ourselves to death.

At the same time, there’s an upwelling of interest in the public to eat more healthy food. Most people say they would eat healthier, but only if it didn’t cost more.

Market Strategy

Peacemakers will be the nation’s first chain of healthy fast food restaurants, selling delicious locally grown organic food close to current fast food prices. The restaurants will offer vegan (plant-based) burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, fresh juices, smoothies, desserts, freshly baked goods, and ethnic meals, including raw/living-food options. Both the restaurants and farms will be beautifully designed, use as much green technology as possible, attract plenty of volunteer help, and be educational centers that teach about restoring our physical health and the health of the planet.

Business Strategy

This business model of restaurants and farms working together to minimize production costs, while educating and empowering people to make smart food choices, will enable Peacemakers to provide healthy meals at very reasonable prices. Franchising this restaurant/farm concept will be a great service to the public and a very lucrative business. The combination of effective marketing, expert management, along with efficient food production and preparation, will enable this company to quickly achieve significant market share.

Financial Goals

In implementing this business model, Peacemakers anticipates generating $10 million in revenues by 2015, with $5 million of net profit. Annual revenue growth during the 2011-2015 timeframe is projected to average at least 25% per year.

Funds Sought and Uses

To establish its first farm in 2010 and its first restaurant in 2011, Peacemakers is currently seeking investment financing of 1.1 million dollars, $150,000 to be completed by June 1 and $950,000 to be completed by Dec 1.

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Syam said...

Why vegan and not vegatarian?