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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Green Bus Tour

For more and to help out, click here for the Green Bus Tour website

This summer a group of visionary musicians & artists, social entrepreneurs, yogis & healers, and health & sustainability educators will set off on a tour to inspire and empower the nation.

Traveling in two school buses converted to run on recycled waste vegetable oil and solar panels, the tour will reach millions of people through concerts & festivals, community projects and workshops, theater, daily video blogs and a reality series.

At each stop, the Green Bus Tour will collaborate with local visionaries, leading thinkers, artists, students and special guests to create live events and community-building projects.

"Today's challenges are simply opportunities to create a healthier way of life. By re-envisioning our relationships with each other and the environment, we can work together to create a culture of abundance, motivated by love instead of fear." - Charlie Gonzalez, co-founder of Green Bus Tour

Together, Green Bus Tour and local communities will embrace new ways to lead active, integrated, thriving lives: through conscious music and art, ecology & energy savings, healthy economics, and beneficial technologies & ancient wellness practices.

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