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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sponsor A Earthworm/Bookworm at ISCOWP!

Click here to head on over to the ISCOWP (International Society For Cow Protection) website for more details.

There are two kinds of people that live on the ISCOWP farm: earthworms and bookworms. An earthworm does all the practical work on a farm and is able to teach that practical knowledge to others. A bookworm is able to literally explain that the philosophy and spiritual essence of life with the cows and land. Both are essential to the existence of the International Society for Cow Protection.

Sponsor a worm at the ISCOWP farm! Help them provide the experienced labor force that will make ISCOWP an efficient practical farm and an international far reaching organization. At $3 an hour these worms can survive on the ISCOWP farm. They can run the ISCOWP farm and begin educational projects that will have far reaching influence.

Balabhadra (Earthworm)

"I have spent most of my life doing physical labor and have very much enjoyed the practical results of a hard day's work on the farm. After having some serious health issues and turning 64, I can no longer physically work like I use to. Instead, I can teach and direct others to do the service.

With 25 years of experience that comes from doing it yourself, I have been asked to travel to various locations locally and internationally to teach these skills. With sponsorship I will be able to direct service on the farm and travel to teach. By hands-on training I wish to expand the knowledge of training oxen by voice commands and other similar cow protection skills. Thank you in advance for your help!"

Chayadevi (Bookworm)

"I have written and compiled the ISCOWP News for the past 20 years, maintained for the past 10 years and more currently the monthly e-newsletter. Sometimes I receive feedback that these efforts have touched or helped people either get involved in cow protection or learn practical cow protection knowledge. This makes me very happy.

When I am sponsored, I will be able to continue and increase these services and begin to write and publish books on the "how to" of cow protection as well as books that would move people to become more involved in cow protection. That has been my long term desire. I will also be able to continue ISCOWP correspondence and fundraising. Thank you!"

Completing big projects like the barn roof is an exciting venture but the everyday activities are the backbone of ISCOWP and the service of the earthworms and bookworms. Without the backbone, no other part of the body can function.

Here are 3 worms that live on the ISCOWP farm that need your sponsorship. Even though they have been on the ISCOWP staff for years, they do not take any salary from ISCOWP. Your sponsorship will provide them time for service to ISCOWP. They will not need to spend their time earning an outside income.

To find out how you can sponsor and our gifts to you, go to our
web page:

Ask your employer about matching donations and/or give a donation in honor or memory of someone dear to you. Thank you!

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